'Good Wife' Headed For Viral Attack?

'Good Wife' Headed For Viral Attack?

While more obvious stories have been the focus of The Good Wife's sensational third season (Will & Alicia have flourished and floundered, Kalinda has earned brownie points and Cary has risen up the ranks), there is one plotline brewing that I am absolutely fascinated by.

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Periodically throughout the season, Alicia's son Zach (played byGraham Phillips) has been tasked to repair broken computers at Lockhart/Gardner. At first, it was just his mother's. Then another. And another.

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It's getting to the point where I'm starting to think a massive viral attack is both underway and about to become a major plotline.

"I think so too," Graham told ETonline during a one-on-one chat over the weekend. "You know as much as I do (production is only two episodes ahead) but I definitely think all those computer problems are connected - and going somewhere."

But before we can find out if Lockhart/Gardner is headed for a massive reboot, Zach Florrick will step into the spotlight for tonight's episode. "The gist is that Nisa, my girlfriend from season two is back - well, actually, it turns out we've been dating the whole time. She's hanging out around the house a lot when Alicia tells them maybe it's moving too fast. Being a feisty teen, I try to combat her, but it's not until Zach takes Nisa over to Peter's apartment and Jackie is there. As she is every time you don't want her to be somewhere [laughs]. Jackie also says that things might be moving too fast. So I tell Alicia that she and Jackie have the same perspective - basically play them against each other. The next scene is me telling Neesa it's OK to come over because 'my mom is cool with it.'"

And if you, like me, think this means the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Graham couldn't be more pleased. "It's fun to see a little bit of the Peter in him coming out. Turns out he does have a bit of that conniving politican in him."

Graham can also be seen in the upcoming indie film, Goats, alongside heavy-hitters like Vera Farmiga, Keri Russell, David Duchovny and newly-minted Emmy winner Ty Burrell.

"I've just gotten into Modern Family and Ty is such a riot," Graham says. "While he plays a more serious role here, he still manages to squeeze some comedy into the character, who is affectionately called "f***er Frank" [laughs]. It was really terrific."

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An adjective that sums up his first time playing the lead. "I loved this story. It was terrific as an actor to spend time with a role that was significant enough to warrant spending 6 months working on it."