Giuliana Rancic: 'I Have Way Too Much to Live For'


Giuliana Rancic has proven herself to be glass-half-full kind of gal. While some women would take a breast cancer diagnosis to be a death sentence, she thought, "I have way too much to live for."

Stressing that early diagnosis was key to her survival, her optimistic attitude also played a role. She credits the support of her husband, family, and doctor for getting her through the "heartwrenching" period. "The worst day of my life was in a way the luckiest day of my life in the sense that I caught it early and thank God I didn't wait till I was 40 to get a mammogram…," she said.

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Regaining her health, Giuliana finds being back at work to be an integral part of her "healing" process. As a red carpet fixture, the TV host admits that it was a "tough" decision to opt for a bilateral mastectomy because she is often thrust into the cleavage-baring, gown-wearing world of the superficial Tinseltown elite.

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She decided that her life outweighed her vanity and that her boobs "never defined me." Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne, whose own mom Sharon Osbourne is a cancer survivor, joked, "You can always get a really good pair of new ones."

Giuliana can be seen on E! News, Fashion Police, and Style Network's Giuliana & Bill. According to The Hollywood Reporter, as of March 9, Fashion Police will be expanded to a one hour time slot.