Alicia Pregnant on 'Good Wife'?


ET recently caught up with The Good Wife stars Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Christine Baranski at The New York Times "TimesTalk" event, where the close co-stars talked about everything from how it feels to be critically recognized, upcoming show spoilers and what fans ask them the most.

"I think for all of us as a cast it feels good," Charles says about the show's multiple award nominations, including a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Best Ensemble, Drama. "Because we are the only, I believe, network show nominated -- that feels particularly special. And there's something about that award [the SAG Best Ensemble award] because the show is an ensemble show, we have a great leader, but we feel like an ensemble and it's nice to have that recognized."

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And what can we expect coming up this season?

"Alicia finds out she's pregnant with Will's baby," Margulies jokes. "I'm always told we're not supposed to talk about it but this is what we can say -- it's a great episode, and they just keep getting better and better."

Check out the video to see what Margulies and Baranski say is the one thing the fans always ask them about the show. The Good Wife airs Sundays, at 9 pm, on CBS.