The 'Bachelor' Surprise is 'Beyond Explosive'


Just when you thought you'd seen enough waterworks this season on The Bachelor, host Chris Harrison warns that for episode three, fans should prepare themselves for a "category five meltdown" of female emotion. 

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Next Monday, Ben Flajnik heads to San Francisco with the 16 remaining bachelorettes for a bikini-laden ski date, however the game takes a turn for the worst when an unexpected blast from Ben's past crashes their group cocktail party.

"We might as well have rolled a grenade into the cocktail party," says Harrison of the mystery woman who drops in on the date.

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"She called me and said, 'This is the situation, I want to come back'…[It was] up to Ben after that, and it was beyond explosive. I didn't think the women would be happy, but I didn't think it would be such a huge deal. It's a category five meltdown."

As for who the mystery lady could be, Chris indulges us with a small hint. "She's from our past as well and is someone who had a relationship with Ben. At least that's what she said."

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Who do you think it could be?

Watch the video above for more spoilers, and don't miss The Bachelor this Monday on ABC.