'Once' Star Jennifer Morrison Teases 'Fun Twists'


While the last few episodes of ABC's Once Upon a Time have left fans a bit emotionally gutted, star Jennifer Morrison promises that the surprises to come will be a bit more on the "fun" side.

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As we've come to explore the back stories of Mary Margaret, the Evil Queen, Snow White, Prince Charming and Rumpelstiltskin, Morrison says to expect less of a focus on the characters' past, and more attention to the here and now of those already introduced.

"A lot of this season is going to be really establishing who all these people are in town and what their back stories are so we can then move from that place and start telling stories about who they are together," she explains.

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Despite this shift in story telling, Jennifer says there will still be loads of new faces coming in to keep things exciting.

"There are some cool characters that surface in town that are definitely nostalgic of our childhood, you know, some of those really familiar characters, really fun twists on the telling of the storytelling of those stories."

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Watch the video for more spoilers, plus what to expect from your favorite ABC and ABC Family shows like Pretty Little Liars, Jane By Design, Suburgatory and much more!

Once airs Sunday nights on ABC.