Mark Steines & Jane Lynch Bring Comedy to PCAs


ET's Mark Steines teamed up with Glee's Jane Lynch at the 2012 People's Choice Awards, revealing the strategy involved with seating Hollywood's biggest stars.

"How do you know where to seat people? Is it a gut instinct," Mark asked Jane.

"I feel it in my loins," responded the actress, playing fictional seat coordinator Eloise Dunk.

The comedy kept coming during the night as host Kaley Cuoco faced off with popular award show host Neil Patrick Harris.

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The two actors had a playful back-and-forth at the top of the show with Harris feigning disappointment at not hosting the event.

Ellen DeGeneres, who took home Favorite Daytime TV Host, came up with a hilarious solution for the dilemma of too many people to thank in her acceptance speech -- she made a list of people she's not thanking.

"Jenny Kubler, you sat behind me on the bus in fourth grade. I think you know why I'm not thanking you," joked the comedienne.

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