Rita Wilson Loves Working With Dana Delany


Rita Wilson has always enjoyed working alongside friends but there's probably no one the actress enjoys more than longtime friend Dana Delany. Their friendship and work relationship will meet again as Wilson is set to guest star on the next episode of Body of Proof.

"I love working with Dana Delany," Wilson said. "We did a play together called Dinner With Friends a few years ago and we were very, very incorrigible and bad girls because we had way too much fun. I adore her."

Wilson will play the mother of a Casey Anthony-type character with a twist. As for how she got the part? "I'm not quite sure why I ever get casted, but they just offered it to me," Wilson said. "I loved the script, so I said yes."

Delany has a different take on why Wilson was chosen and you can hear her side in the video! Don't miss an all-new episode of Body of Proof, tonight on ABC!

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