Marg Helgenberger 'Happy' With Her 'CSI' Exit

Marg Helgenberger 'Happy' With Her 'CSI' Exit

Marg Helgenberger's nearing the end of her fantastic run on the hit show CSI and the actress appeared pleased with her character's exit from the famous franchise.

"I was happy with my exit arc," Helgenberger said. "It was action-packed, bigger in scope than in most of our episodes. I kind of got a chance to be a little bit of an action hero in one of the episodes."

ET caught up with Helgenberger at the CSI: The Experience exhibit in New York where she gave some hints as to how her final two episodes play out. As for her emotions during filming, she didn't hesitate to admit that it was tough to put it in words.

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"Every time I tried to imagine saying goodbye to the crew, I just couldn't fathom what I could possibly stand there and say," Helgenberger said.

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Click the video to hear more from Marg on her departure from CSI. Don't miss her Wednesday night on an all-new CSI, only on CBS.

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