Brittney Elaborates on 'Bachelor' Surrender


Over the river and through woods, to grandmother's house Brittney Schreiner went after leaving The Bachelor on her own terms. On Monday's episode, the blonde "selflessly" declined an offer to go on a one-one-one date with Ben Flajnik because she "didn't have that spark that you look for when you start dating a guy."

Her grandma presented an astounding first impression on the season premiere and was "surprised" that things didn't work out between Brittney and the hunky winemaker. Regardless, she offered her granddaughter the "support" she needed to recover from the harrowing experience.

Leaving the show before the other girls encountered Shawntel Newton, Brittney sized-up the tense situation as a viewer. "I do think he has connections in the house with girls that are stronger than his connection with Shawntel," she told ET. "I think Kacie B. is such a sweetheart…down to earth and genuine. I liked Emily, Lindzi, and Nicki."

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Brittney still believes in the process and "will continue to look [for love] until I find it." If offered the position, she would be happy to star as The Bachelorette. But, this season of The Bachelor is far from over and the show is synonymous with people begging for a second chance in a later round.

Ali Fedotowsky's request to return was denied by Jake Pavelka, but Ed Swiderski returned and got engaged to Jillian Harris on another season. And, of course Bentley Williams showed up for Ashley Hebert to get "closure." Is this the last we'll see and hear from Brittney? Careful not to give away a juicy plot twist, "I don't know what the future holds," is all she'd say.

Not yet dating, Brittney has her eye on a certain Bachelor that is up for grabs. "I'm really drawn to Brad [Womack] from what I've seen of him from both seasons," she gushed. Chris Harrison or the Bachelor Pad folks can probably set the two of them up. Several couples have formed… and dissolved…from participants of different seasons.

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To see if Brittney's frontrunner predictions are accurate, tune in to The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.