J.P. and Ashley Give Wedding Update


Last night we caught up with former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and fiancé J.P. Rosenbaum at The Bachelor reunion party in Las Vegas where the newly-engaged couple filled us in on the status of their future nuptials.

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"We haven't really started," admitted Ashley when probed for details of her upcoming wedding to her Season 7 winner. "We've been brainstorming but we haven't really sat down and thought things through."

While they are eager to get the process started, the couple says they'd rather wait until their whirlwind schedule dies down before they get started in earnest. "I think after we get back home, after this trip especially, we're going to start really making some final plans," said Ashley.

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When asked if they would ever want to ditch the planning stage and take advantage of the nearby Vegas chapels, Ashley gave an adamant "No," worried that J.P.'s parents would be "so upset" at the missed opportunity to see the two take their trip down the aisle.

Watch the video for more from Ashley and J.P., plus an update or two on a few of your Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise faves.