'Bachelor''s Great Debate: Emily vs. Courtney


On the night of yet another GOP Debate, there was perhaps more mudslinging rolling off the tongues of the ladies on The Bachelor than the presidential candidates. So, let's just skip over the boring stuff this week. Rachel and Jennifer each got a rose on their one-one-one dates. Blah, blah, blah. The conniving Courtney versus an endearing Emily is what warrants the most discussion after Monday's episode, with a little dose of sobbing Samantha thrown in there.

Lindzi was hoping it was her time to shine on an outdoorsy group date. With Ben Flajnik's horseback riding entrance mimicking her own on the premiere episode, the first impression rose recipient said, "I love a man in a saddle." Hoping to reel in another rose, Lindzi was upset when Courtney got the bait. The model said, "It's not really about catching a trout, it's about catching Ben."

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Upon turning "this group date into a one-on-one date," the manipulative Courtney earned Ben's sympathy vote and got the rose for "reassurance" of his continued interest in her. However, in the confession camera, which Ben is not privy to see until the national broadcast airs, Courtney said she didn't feel threatened by anyone.

Courtney has formed other nemeses in Phi Beta Bachelor, as she refers to the situation as being "in a sorority." Monica had to be bleeped when expressing her feelings, but also gave a G-rated analysis by calling her "fake." Emily was without doubt the most vocal on the matter. She confided in some of the girls, "This is giving me ulcers. I don't want to see him fooled by the vegan rod, dough-eyed model."

That was not all. At a time when the horrific effect of bullying is at the forefront of news headlines, Emily further slaughtered her rival's character, saying slanderously, "Courtney is like a statue made of marble. It's really beautiful, but it's cold and it's hard on the inside."

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Advocating for the majority of the women, Emily confronted Ben about the two-faced Courtney. Ben wasn't very receptive of the news and responded, "You're going to go crazy if you try to read into this… It's probably going to end up in your own demise." Realizing her mistake, Emily grew worried her plan would "backfire" and that she wouldn't get a rose. "I think when you call into question someone’s judgment, it can be taken as a personal insult," she reasoned. "I'm afraid that because Ben has such a strong connection with her that any animosity between Courtney and I could result in Ben thinking negatively towards me."

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Courtney does have one ally in Casey S., who called the perceived villain "genuine." Once she got wind of Emily's actions, Casey S. snitched to Courtney, who said, "Why would she be so stupid to talk about me with her one on one time with him?" Bachelor fans, the cat fight is just starting between these two. Courtney has vile tiger blood running through her veins, often referring to Charlie Sheen's tag phrase of "#Winning."

At the rose ceremony, Ben decided to keep Emily afterall. Instead, he sent Monica home. On the group date, Samantha got the ax when Ben told her she wasn't standing out from the crowd. She insisted that she'd do better if given a one-on-one date, but he said, "I realized this girl wasn't for me."

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Next Monday's bare-butt episode is what America has been waiting for since promos debuted on ABC. Courtney and Ben sneak off to the ocean in Puerto Rico, leaving their bathing suits behind. A few weeks back, Ben told ET, "When a beautiful woman asks you to go skinny dipping, you don't say no. I think any guy would be crazy not to."