'Smash' is a 'Very Human Look at Broadway'


ET visited the set of the upcoming musical series Smash for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the premiere of the anticipated new show.

"Smash is about the making of a Broadway musical," star Anjelica Huston explained. "It's a very human look at Broadway. We have singing. We have dancing. We have drama. We have love affairs, gossip. It's a wonderful amalgam of many talents."

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runner-up Katherine McPhee, who plays a character that is new to Broadway, expressed her excitement to be on the cast.

"I've had my radar on this show for a couple years now," McPhee admitted after learning that Steven Spielberg would be the executive producer of a show about the making of a Broadway musical. "I didn't even know if there was a part that was right for me."

Jack Davenport, who plays the role of a Broadway show director, addressed Smash's comparison to other already existing singing shows.

"It's not a karaoke show," Davenport asserted. "We have original songs. The music is not incidental, and it's not crow-bared in apparently at random…The song's are completely integral to the plot."

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star Debra Messing, who plays the musical's co-song writer, expressed her love for singing shows like Glee and believes that there is something everlasting about the musical genre.

"There is something about the vulnerability of people putting themselves out there and singing," Messing concluded. "I think that's why it's just something that will never lose its interest."

premieres Monday, February 6th on NBC.