Brooke Burke's Sweat and Butt Wiping

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Newlywed Brooke Burke Charvet, co-host of Dancing with the Stars, puts the "it" in fit. After having four kids, the audacity to wear a sports bra and short shorts while running could only come from a woman who knows she's got it going on. Her new exercise DVD, Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke: Tone & Tighten, may help you shave an inch or two, but it takes more than a DVD to have a body as great as Brooke's. She tells Fitness her five-day-a-week workout regimen includes Pilates Plus and a couple visits to the gym where she goes for a short treadmill workout and full-body toning.

Brooke Burke Ties the Knot

Hottest Spot: Abs

Even if they weren't so toned, her abs would still be her number one asset. While it's enviable that she lacks signs of carrying children, it's good to know she puts her kids, not her image, first. She reportedly schedules her workouts just as a doctor's appointment or sporting event for her kids, saying she never misses any of these things.

Guilty Pleasure: Spaghetti Bolognese

Brooke wears her craving like a badge of honor. In the February 2012 issue of Ladies Home Journal she says, "If I really crave something, I'll eat it and then get back into the groove afterward. I don't feel like I've failed or fallen off the wagon. Eating healthy shouldn't be torture."

Favorite Sport: Butt Wiping

Today Brooke tweeted her latest blog at with the title "The Greatest Butt Wiper." On second thought, it may be too cramped in the bathroom if the whole family decides to spectate. We probably don't need to know what makes her so good at it, seeing as hubby, David, is her only butt wiping competition.