Monica Clears Air About Girl Crush on Blakeley


On the season premiere of The Bachelor, 25 beautiful women lined up to lure Ben Flajnik into their lair. It took viewers by surprise when two of the beauties became affectionate with one another instead. Newly-eliminated Monica Spannbauer told ET about her innocent intentions with the frail Blakeley.

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Forging a quick friendship while sharing a limo to the Malibu mansion, Monica claims to have been "comforting" Blakeley in their cuddle session on the couch. "Was it under the context of me being bisexual or into her? Absolutely not," Monica denies of the insinuations in the rumor mill.

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Differing opinions of emerging front-runner Courtney has split the household. Monica quite harshly assessed, "They deserve each other if he's that shallow and she's that manipulative… I really hope he doesn't choose Kacie B. [He's] not deserving of her. He'll break her heart."

The ousted gal had an "intuitive feeling" that her road to love with Ben would be coming to an end at this past Monday's rose ceremony. Monica insists that she encountered a wonderful side of Ben while filming, but as she is seeing the show unravel on TV, she doesn't like how Ben is portraying himself in regards to the Courtney romance. 'Being that he's The Bachelor, the namesake of the show, I think he should make decisions for himself," Monica quipped. After watching his family in the audience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week, she doesn't think his mom and sister would approve of Courtney's antics.

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Courtney leaves nothing to the imagination on this upcoming Monday's episode of The Bachelor on ABC when she invites Ben to go skinny dipping with her in Puerto Rico. "I feel like she'll pull out any gun and any arrow," Monica said. "Everything Courtney does is to spite the women." Was Ben impressed with Courtney's complete package? Tune in to see if she got yet another rose.