Courtney Lures Ben with Striptease on 'Bachelor'


Courtney continued to slither her way into Ben Flajnik's arms (and pants), while showing her venomous fangs amongst the other girls, on Monday's episode of The Bachelor on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

Embodying irony, sporting a shirt that read "Be Nice," Courtney was anything but. Based on how she's being portrayed, she'll most definitely be on Santa's naughty list. She's certainly on the [bleep] list of the other bachelorettes.

Chris Harrison on 'Bachelor' Skinny Dipping

During the group date at a baseball stadium, Courtney commented about opposing team captain Blakeley, "Who knew that strippers could play baseball?" Yes, the well-endowed Blakeley was falling out of her top while auditioning for a children’s theater production in Sonoma, but it was Courtney who possibly got to third base with Ben during their skinny-dipping excursion. She also admitted, "I like to be in my birthday suit as much as possible." As Ben was going into his hotel room, Courtney swooped in for a "night cap," kidnapping him for an au natural swim session. No bluffing that it's Courtney who seems to like being in the buff more so than Blakeley.

There were other Courtney-isms throughout the episode as she sunk her teeth into the competition. "Lindzi, she's got an annoying personality. And Jamie, she's just a hot mess," Courtney assessed, adding that Kacie B. "reminds me of a little girl and Ben needs a woman."

Courtney may think she's the only lady in the running, but the truth of the matter is there are others indeed. Nicki and Ben enjoyed a one-on-one in Old San Juan despite a torrential downpour. Ben admired her "flexibility to go with the flow" of their dampened plans. The divorcee assured Ben she is ready for her "second chance at love," but honestly said she's being "cautious." Ben liked what he heard and gave her a rose.

'Bachelor' Ben Skinny-Dips Back Into Dating Pool

On the group date, half of the women struck out and didn't get to share dinner with Ben on the beach. Baseball diamonds proved to be Kacie B.'s best friend because she earned the coveted rose. Ben told her, "What I like most about our conversations is your ability to get me to open up without really trying. I appreciate the fact that you listen to me."

Elyse finally got what she's been anxiously waiting for, a one-on-one. Ben took her on a yacht to see if she was his anchor. "Elyse and I's relationship has been slow progression, but so was my relationship with Ashley [Hebert]. My date last time on the water with Ashley was monumental." Elyse misspoke by confessing she "accomplished everything" she wanted to at her tender age. Ben seems to want an ambitious young lady to share his life with.

By the end of the date, the damsel in distress felt stranded at sea. Ben sent Elyse home, explaining, "I think that my relationships with a lot of these other women are so far past what I think we could probably get to if we continued this." Courtney of course had to add her commentary: "Maybe she drank too much and the Jersey Shore came out."

Going into the cocktail party, Ben wasn't feeling good about his impromptu soiree with Courtney. "There are other women here that I need to explore relationships with. I owe it to them and I owe it to myself to be open to everyone," he realized. Feeling "left behind," Blakeley had a heart-to-heart with the man of the hour. Ben came out of the chat with a whole new mindset, saying, "Tonight I was blindsided by Blakeley. She had an epiphany… She was one I was really unsure about going into the evening and tonight I have done a 180."

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Emily also snagged some solo time with Ben, in which she promised she wouldn’t be consumed with Courtney drama anymore and regrets speaking ill of her last week. However, she went on to further discuss her arch-nemesis. Ben warned her to "tread lightly, be careful." Did this cost her the rose?

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Surprisingly, it didn't. The wholesome Jennifer was sent home even though she thought they were "on a path to love" and was hoping to introduce Ben to her family. Lindzi, Jamie, Rachel, Courtney, Casey S., Blakeley, and Emily all got roses, so they'll be joining Kacie B. and Nicki in Panama City on next Monday's The Bachelor. Watch the video to see the drama that is about to unfold on the hit ABC show, including the debut of the glistening ring Ben will use to propose.