Howard Stern Recalls First 'Late Show' Interview


Tonight, David Letterman celebrates the Late Show's 30th anniversary. On the special night, Howard Stern stops by to congratulate the late night host on the benchmark, reminiscing over how much time has passed since his first time on the show in 1984.

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"You have gotten so much better looking over the years," Letterman tells the radio superstar before pulling out a photo from their 1984 interview.

Judging by the picture, in which Stern sits cross-legged, sporting a thick mustache and coke-bottle glasses, his fashion sense has clearly evolved.

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"You should burn that," Stern comments dryly. "Dave, I swear to you, back then, the fact that you asked me to be on a national television show was mind blowing to me."

"It looks like a guy who was on to talk about a career of writing bad checks," Letterman jokes.

Watch the entire interview tonight at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.