Jimmy Fallon Dresses as Woman with Colts Players


ET met up with Jimmy Fallon just before he performs his live late night show after the Super Bowl this weekend in Indianapolis, and got a little sneak peek from him as to what to expect.

"We [have done] a lot of pre-taped stuff for the show," Fallon revealed about his fun-filled stay in Indianapolis. "I did an Indy 500 thing on the speedway. I ran in Lucas Oil Stadium, and then…I dressed like a woman."

The 37-year old comedian and late-night host then explained exactly how that came about.

"I dressed up as 'real housewife.' We did a spoof of Real Housewives," Fallon said. "Of course that's the picture that gets everywhere. It's all over the place. They're like, 'Jimmy Fallon's in town, dressed as a female,'" he said in an impersonating voice.

However, Fallon won't be the only one dressed as a woman, he divulged.

"I don't want to spoil it, but five of the Indianapolis Colts are dressed as woman and the 'real housewives' meet and they clash and it's a fight."

The special episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from Indianapolis will air tonight, Friday, and Sunday.