The 'Skinny' from 'Bachelor''s Jennifer Fritsch


Fresh off her The Bachelor elimination on Monday night's episode, the witty and snarky side of Jennifer Fritsch emerged in her conversation with Entertainment Tonight.

'Bachelor' Ben Skinny-Dips Back Into Dating Pool

Jennifer openly admitted on the show that she finds skinny-dipping to be "freeing," but stressed to ET that she does not condone Courtney's behavior. "I think that it was a little early in the relationship," she judged. The presence of cameras made the controversial escapade even more inappropriate in Jennifer's eyes.

Many viewers and eliminated contestants have their theories that Ben drops to one knee for Courtney on the finale. "I don't even think I could wish him luck. My advice would probably be to run for the hills," Jennifer said bitterly. "He's caught in her web. She sucked him in and there's no escaping… Some girls like the bad guys and maybe some guys like the bad girls." If Ben Flajnik puts a ring on Courtney's finger, Jennifer sees break-up written all over the relationship.

Courtney Lures Ben with Striptease on 'Bachelor'

While the result remains unconfirmed, Jennifer thinks Emily "would be a good match for him." She also gave props to Rachel and Kacie B., but expressed concern for the latter's immature age. "I don't think she has a lot of relationship experience" to bring to an engagement or marriage, said the former housemate. His fiancé will surely pose a lot of "questions" if he chooses any of the other ladies over Courtney.

'Bachelor''s Great Debate: Emily vs. Courtney

Ben proclaimed Jennifer as the "best kisser" of the brood. The lip-tastic bachelorette boasted, "He may have sent me home, but I definitely have a badge of honor to carry around with me." She also had her time to "shine” on a one-one-one in Park City, Utah and was in her "element" on the group date in Sonoma, CA. Since watching the show on television, Jennifer is grateful to have been eliminated when she was. She no longer views Ben as "perfect" after seeing his naïve reception of Courtney.

The Bachelor returns to ABC this Monday night.