First Look: Kim Kardashian on 'Last Man Standing'


She's played Neil Patrick Harris's dream girl (literally) on How I Met Your Mother and a seductive femme fatale on CSI: NY. Next week Kim Kardashian will expand her TV repertoire on the popular sitcom Last Man Standing and ET has your first look at the reality star in action. 

In the episode airing next Tuesday, Kim plays a character she's quite familiar with: herself. Kim called the opportunity one she "couldn't pass up," joking that if she couldn't hit this performance of herself out of the park, she "[has] some issues."

Kim Kardashian's Charitable Contribution 

Cast member Molly Ephraim (daughter Mandy to Tim Allen on the sitcom) plays a central role in the episode as a reality-obsessed teen who gets a bit "overzealous" meeting the E! star in person.

"She doesn't make a great first impression," explains Ephraim of her character's encounter with Kim at a local book signing. "She sort of needles her way into the front, is the first one there and in her excitement becomes overzealous and panicky and knocks over a bunch of books trying to give her a hug," says Molly, who says the humiliating event ends with her kicking and screaming as she is escorted away atop the shoulders of the Kardashian's body guards.

Watch Kim & Kris' Awkward Dinner Date

You can catch Kim's episode of Last Man Standing on ABC when it airs February 7, 2012.