Ex-Boyfriend Beckons 'Bachelor''s Casey S. Home


It's about time Courtney was not the most earth-shattering storyline coming out of The Bachelor. Casey S. gave blogger and sobber Jenna Burke some competition in the crying department.

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The tale of two Casey/Kacie's came to an abrupt end when host Chris Harrison yanked Casey S. aside to confront her about a serious matter. The show had been contacted by multiple sources in the U.S. claiming that she was still in love with ex-boyfriend Michael and they had been "practically living together" prior to her departing for The Bachelor.

Blown away by the accusations, Casey S. explained, "I was completely in love with him. He told me from day one that he didn’t know if marriage was for him. Marriage is one thing I'm not willing to compromise on." Knowing she can't have her happily-ever-after with Michael, she joined The Bachelor to find a potential husband in Ben Flajnik. As hard as she tried to clear her mind of her ex, "I still have hope that he'll change."

Chris escorted Casey S. to Ben's hotel room to deliver her revelation. She admitted, "I think that I'm not completely over [Michael]." Ben responded by sending her home. "I wish you would have been a bit more honest with me earlier on," he said with disappointment in his voice. "The heart wants what the heart wants."

Meanwhile, Kacie B.'s journey to a forever love with Ben continues after she survived a one-on-one date on a deserted island. She divulged a very private sentiment of her personal history, admitting to having suffered from an eating disorder in high school. Upon presenting her with a rose, Ben said, "I liked you from the start. That was just you being open and honest… We have so much more we need to learn about each other."

On the group date of six, Courtney was up to her same ol' antics by trying to make it "a one-on-one date with five other girls around." Ben and the gals changed into native attire after stumbling upon a little village in the woods. Courtney once again played striperella, taking her bikini top off instead of keeping it on underneath the barely-there halter. Clearly uncomfortable, Emily sarcastically called her "classy" and Jamie labeled her as "aggressive." The model called the others "prude" for their conservative values.

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Ben "stole" Courtney away from the crowd to express his gratitude for her behavior. "I really appreciate the fact that you notice me and you're assertive and confident," he said. However much Courtney tries to "mark her territory," Ben appears to call her intentions into question on next week's episode, based on a scene in the promo. He did, after all, stand her up for night cap offer in Panama and he gave Lindzi the rose on the group date.

But in the current episode, this affirmative conversation gave Courtney's ballooning ego the confidence to intrude on Jamie's private time with Ben. She seductively got into the pool, while the two were lounging on the edge. "This is very difficult to focus," said a distracted Ben. With the moment ruined, Jamie "couldn't kiss him." That all built up to an awkward moment during the cocktail party when Jamie climbed onto Ben's lap for a make-out tutorial. Needless to say, they had no natural chemistry and he sent the "giggling schoolgirl" home in the rose ceremony.

In an effort to recover her reputation with Ben and Courtney, Emily honed up to "misjudging" the model. "Sorry for making a rash judgment," she apologized. Courtney coldly responded, "I appreciate you acknowledging it and being direct with me. I respect that… I don't forgive and forget. We will never be friends."

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Another girl-on-girl rivalry emerged on a two-on-one salsa date. It only takes two to tango and three was definitely a crowd for Blakeley, Rachel, and Ben. Despite Blakeley having better rhythm and all that jazz, Rachel's hope of Ben "saving his last dance" for her came true. She went from being "third wheel" to in the driver's seat of her own destiny, getting the rose over a boastful Blakeley, who stormed off the set. Ben caught up to her to say a final goodbye.

The crop of bachelorettes will jet off to Belize with Ben for next Monday's episode of The Bachelor on ABC.