TLC's 'Strangest Addictions Yet'?


From snacking on sofa cushions to sleeping with live blow dryers, TLC's My Strange Addiction has uncovered an impressive array of unusual habits across the globe, and this Sunday the popular series promises to showcase their "strangest addictions yet."

Watch: Adult Babies and Eating Dryer Sheets On 'My Strange Addiction'

In the season-three premiere we meet Nathaniel. At first glance, the thirty-something seems to be a well-adjusted male in the prime of his life. But in reality, Nate suffers from objectophilia, for which he directs his romantic affections towards a shiny, red compact car he dubs as his "handsome" lover Chase.

Watch the clip above for a sneak peek at the new season which also features a woman who can't break her habit of snacking on cat food.

Meet the Couch Eater and the 'Furry' on 'My Strange Addiction'

My Strange Addiction premieres Sunday, February 12 on TLC.