Criss Serenades Liz on Valentine's Day '30 Rock'


James Marsden's character has a special Valentine's Day song for Tina Fey's Liz Lemon on this week's 30 Rock, but Liz wouldn't be Liz if some calamity didn't get in the way of true love.

In Thursday's episode, titled, "Hey Baby, What's Wrong?" Criss (Marsden) wakes up Liz by shaking her and yelling, "Liz, there's someone in the apartment!"

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Liz struggles to sit up, hand still stuck in a Pringles container from her apparent late-night snack, hair disheveled, to find Criss strumming his guitar and singing, "Someone thinks you're special..."

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Liz tries to stop him, but then turns her attention to the Pringles, trying to gulp down the last few crumbs, and it only gets worse from there, with Criss pausing to wonder whether she's actually a woman or not.

Watch the clip for more, and tune in to 30 Rock on NBC tonight for the full episode.

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