Did J.Lo 'Assault' Marc Anthony on Camera?


In an interview airing Monday, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King reveal to Ellen DeGeneres what it's like for the former couple to work together on their new show Q'Viva!: The Chosen when things get a little testy.

JLo & Marc Anthony on Their Groundbreaking New Project

"I find myself in the middle, refereeing sometimes," Jamie said with a laugh.

Ellen later showed a clip of JLo giving Marc a playful smack on the head in response to a joke.

"That was assault on camera," Marc joked in the clip.

A Relationship in Pics: Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Before the Split

Q'Viva! introduces a new genre of TV -- the docu-journey -- as JLo and Marc are tasked with finding the most talented entertainers in Latin America. The former couple traveled throughout the region in hopes of creating the most spectacular Latin American live show that the world has ever seen.

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