Duggars Not Ruling Out Baby No. 20


In their first TV interview since suffering a miscarriage during their last pregnancy, reality stars and parents of 19 Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said they wouldn't rule out a 20th child.

Michelle, 45, told the Today show Tuesday morning that she'd like to have more children if she's able to, saying, "I would do it again."

She and husband Jim Bob, 46, say that they are enjoying being grandparents to their oldest son Josh's two young children, regardless. "We have heard so many things about being a grandparent and now we know why it is so great," Michelle said. "You get the joy of playing and spending time with them but you don't have all the responsibility."

Michelle Duggar Miscarries

Their recent miscarriage of a girl they named Jubilee will be featured on the upcoming season of their reality show, TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, and Michelle tells Today, "It's devastating, and many others have experienced very similar situations. Probably the hardest part is that when a loss like this occurs people really don't know what to say.... We realize our sweet little Jubilee is with the Lord, and we will see her again someday."

Duggar Family Sets Memorial for Unborn Child

In the video above, Today shows a clip of the new season, featuring the heartbreaking moment that Michelle learned, at a routine doctor visit, that their unborn child no longer had a heartbeat.

The Duggars also commented in the interview on a recent alleged extortion attempt made against TLC, when a woman claimed to have scandalous photos of their niece Amy. Jim Bob said that the photos turned out to be completely innocent photos of Amy with a male family friend, and said the alleged perpetrator had been arrested and that the family was "praying for her."

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The new season of 19 Kids and Counting premieres Tuesday night on TLC.

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