'Game of Thrones' Goes North of the Wall


In the latest scintillating sneak peek from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, the production goes to Iceland to film the world that lies north of the wall.

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The production is limited to only four-and-a-half hours of sunlight per day in the far north reaches of Europe, and no snow machines are required to produce blowing gusts of snow, of which the Icelandic landscape provides plenty.

"It's all real, it's all in camera, we're not doing anything in post [production] to add mountains or snow or anything else," producer David Benioff shares.

Despite the natural majesty of the setting, the crew has faced production snafus like cars getting stuck in snowdrifts, and actor John Bradley who plays Sam Tarly says, "You can't get away from this cold, it's all I've thought about since I arrived."

Watch the video for more. Game of Thrones comes back to HBO on Sunday, April 1.