Marc & J.Lo: 'Q'Viva!' is Our Family 'Legacy'


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony continue to surprise the public with their refreshingly fond relationship in the months following their July 2011 divorce, and in this clip for Saturday's all-new episode, the former couple reveals how time spent on their passion project ¡Q'Viva! The Chosen helped craft a friendly, working relationship post-split.

"[The show is] bigger than us," explained Marc as the two discussed their decision to keep the joint project going so soon after their divorce. "It's a human thing, it's a life thing, it's a legacy thing."

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"I don't think one of us for a second thought of abandoning the project ever because of anything that happened. It was just, 'how we were gonna do it, how we were gonna get through it?'," said Jennifer. "The same reasons we wanted to do it for our family when we started are the same reasons we wanted to do it for our family now."

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Tasked with finding the most talented entertainers in Latin America, J.Lo and Marc traveled throughout the region in hopes of creating the most spectacular Latin American live show that the world has ever seen.

Watch the above clip for more from this weekend's brand-new episode.

¡Q'Viva! airs Saturdays at 7pm on Univision.

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