New 'Boss' Clip: CEO Shocks Fast Food Manager

New 'Boss' Clip: CEO Shocks Fast Food Manager

A fast food restaurant manager who says he has to "scream" at his employees to get them to listen to him gets the shock of a lifetime when his new "trainee" turns out to be the company's CEO in a shocking new clip from this week's Undercover Boss.

In the clip, the manager at fast food chain Checkers tells his new "trainee" that his years in the business have made him realize that acting "nice and low-tone" with the employees never works.

"I'm not going to continue letting you tell me I'm disrespecting my crew," the blithely unaware manager tells the undercover boss, before questioning him about his experience in the restaurant business.

The man gets the surprise of his life when he learns that his "trainee" is actually the CEO of the company -- and that's not all -- the CEO tells him he's shutting down the restaurant!

Watch the clip for more and tune in to Undercover Boss this Friday at 8/7 central on CBS.