Real-Life NCIS Chief Makes 'NCIS:LA' Cameo


With all of the Hollywood gunfire and explosions on NCIS: Los Angeles, it's easy to forget that there's a real, working agency that's the basis of the top-rated CBS show. On tonight's episode, the director of the real-life NCIS makes a cameo appearance, and ET was on the set to see how he did!

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"It's a pleasure to meet him … it's amazing to sit there and realize that the actual guys are watching our show," Chris O'Donnell tells ET of the real director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Mark Clookie. "It was fun to see him in front of the camera. I mean, here's a guy whose life experience make it look like we've all been living sheltered lives. He was great, and very smooth."

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When informed that Clookie was actually nervous to stand before the NCIS:Los Angeles cameras, Chris jokes, "He was probably more nervous about sitting through hair and make-up."
"He has a good poker face, how 'bout that -- he didn't show it," laughs LL.

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Clookie plays a lower-ranking NCIS man in tonight's episode, in which Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) is taken into NCIS custody when she becomes the lead suspect in a murder case tied to the death of her father over a decade ago. The rest of the NCIS team believe in her innocence 100% and fight to find another lead suspect or any break in the case.