Justin Theroux Break Dances for Ellen DeGeneres

Justin Theroux Break Dances for Ellen DeGeneres

Justin Theroux's first talk show appearance airs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday and it's one he and the audience will always remember.

Justin Puts the Moves on Jen in Wanderlust

Justin revealed that his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, has developed an obsession over his break dancing ever since she saw him as the Evil DJ in Zoolander, and we're all familiar with Ellen's love of dance. There was only one problem: Justin only dances with his special "breaking shoes".

"I just remembered," Ellen said coyly while picking up a brown bag sitting next to her seat. "I don't know how I forgot. Jen sent these over."

Reaching inside the bag, Ellen pulled out a pair of black and gold Nike Air Force Ones.

On the front of the bag was a letter signed by Jennifer Aniston that read, "Ellen, I thought Justin might need these. See you tomorrow."

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All out of excuses, Justin had to perform. Watch the video to see him in action.