'GCB' Stars Confront Controversial Subject Matter


has been under plenty of heat for its infringement upon religious boundaries and most especially for its original name, which has now been changed from "Good Christian Bitches" to "Good Christian Belles."

In the featured video above, the show's stars confront the controversy that the show has arisen and discuss their thoughts about GCB's themes.

"I am a Christian person myself and I didn't want to do anything that I felt made fun of my religion," Kristin Chenoweth, who plays Carlene Cockburn, said. "There's a difference between making fun of and having fun with, and that's what we do in the show."

Chenoweth, as well as her co-stars, stated that the show's main focus isn't religion. "It's less about religion…and more about relationships of women."

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Many of the GCB stars also divulged how the show directly related to their lives. "My mother passed away last year and I'm so sorry she didn't live to see me play her," said Annie Potts, who plays Gigi Stopper on the show.

She elaborated, "We're dealing with hypocrisy and religion, and if it weren't done with great humor and equal parts truth then it wouldn't be palatable at all."

David James Elliot, who plays Ripp Cockburn in the series, echoed Potts' point.

"It’s a lighthearted jab at hypocrisy," he theorized about the show, which premieres on ABC March 4th.