J.K. Rowling Writing New Book

Getty Images

Rumors have finally been confirmed that JK Rowling is making a return to the literary world. According to the Associated Press she said that her "next book will be very different from the Harry Potter series."

She is teaming up with Little, Brown, publishers of the Twilight series, to release her first adult novel. Details about the book are still being kept mum but Harry Potter fans are no doubt rejoicing to get their hands on another Rowling work, no matter what form it will take.

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And JK's new project doesn't mean we've heard the last of Harry Potter. There are plans to release illustrated editions of all seven books in 2013 along with ebook versions available on Pottermore.com soon.

She created a phenomenon for all age groups so will writing exclusively for adults cause a problem? Only time will tell, but if Potter fans have their way, she will be back on top of the bestseller lists again.

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