Ben Misleads Nicki on 'Bachelor'


Ben Misleads Nicki on 'Bachelor'

Ben Flajnik was struck with heartbreak on The Bachelorette finale when Ashley Hebert declined his proposal. He was convinced they had bonded during their overnight date in the fantasy suite. Why would he pull a similar stunt when the ball was in his "Court?"

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On their final one-on-one date, Ben praised Nicki for "exuding confidence" and he proclaimed he "sees a life with her." During their intimate time, Nicki recollected her hometown date, saying "I took it to heart to the infinite level" that Ben saw a resemblance of his dad in her dad. While atop a cliff, Nicki ironically predicted her own fate, foreshadowing, "You can fall off which can be compared to our relationship which can end abruptly." At the rose ceremony, after just days ago leading her to believe she had a valid chance, Ben denied Nicki a rose, telling her he "started to have doubts."

To viewers and most of the bachelorettes, Ben's judgment calls are questionable. He threw "doubts" about Courtney out the window after he bought her sincere/insincere (take your pick) apology "for some of my actions." Enter the angelic Kacie B. who even deemed it necessary to fly to Switzerland to warn Ben, "I feel like if you were to choose Courtney, you would get your heart broken… It seems like she's in this to win it and she made comments, 'If it's not Ben, there are other fish in the sea.'"

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After telling Chris Harrison he was "confused and cloudy," Ben followed his heart to keep Courtney. Lindzi has always been riding on the high horse ever since receiving the first impression rose. This week was no exception. He has "premonitions of children" with the equestrian beauty and sees himself "with her for the rest of my life." Similar phrase he said about Nicki. Man of only a few words in rotation.

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To see if Ben's once upon a time turns into a happily ever after with Courtney or Lindzi, tune in to The Bachelor in two weeks for the final rose. Next Monday, a handful of this season's personalities convene for The Bachelor: Women Tell All to confront Ben and each other one final time on ABC.