The Claws Come out on 'Amazing Race'

The Claws Come out on 'Amazing Race'

It's only the third leg of the race, and the teams are already at each other's throats in a new clip from this Sunday's episode of The Amazing Race.

During a challenge that involves loading watermelons, Rachel (winner of the last season of "Big Brother") is bent over picking up the heavy fruit with her partner Brendan, when fellow contender Vanessa yells, "Whoa, I can see her [expletive]. I can see her whole [expletive]. Ha ha!" throwing in another, "Ha, ha," in a sing-song voice.

Vanessa's boyfriend Ralph doesn't take this well, telling her, "Mind what we're doing, Okay?"

Rachel, expectedly, doesn't react favorably to the taunting, and says later when downloading with Brendan about the incident, "Vanessa is such a bi-atch."

"I can't stand that girl, she is disgusting," Brendan replies. "Vanessa's one of those girls who tries to be all sweet and pretty and nice."

"Her disgusting smile is painted on just like her overdone makeup," Rachel agrees.

Tune in to The Amazing Race this Sunday night on CBS to see which teams finishes first.