Can 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Turn 'Lust' to 'Love?'

Can 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Turn 'Lust' to 'Love?'

There are three sides to every story… person A's perspective, person B's version of events, and the truth. At The Bachelor: Women Tell All taping, that number of vantage points multiplied tenfold as chaos ensued. The feisty hens pecked at every nit-picky remark. After blowing off steam on stage, ET spoke to some of the ladies, as well as Ben Flajnik, in the calm after the storm.

Nicki and Emily were equally "shocked" to have the opportunity to confront Courtney in person. It is unconventional of the show to include one of the finalists in the reunion episode. The girls question the sincerity of the model's face-to-face apology, but the outspoken Emily credited her "bravery in coming and facing sort of a firing squad."

Ben Misleads Nicki on 'Bachelor'

As her biggest advocate and friend to this day, Casey S., who has left her ex-boyfriend behind in Chicago for a fresh start in LA, said, "I do think that she felt really badly knowing that some of the girls were very hurt by what she did." Until ET broke the news to him, Ben wasn't even aware Courtney was in the building for a period of time. Is this a clue that they are no longer in contact? Hmmm, makes you wonder.

He admitted to ET that he only believes in "lust at first sight and the love thing comes later." Courtney's looks are seemingly what caught Ben's eye initially on the premiere episode and held his attention for the entire season. If his philosophy holds true, will he find everlasting love with Courtney or Lindzi or has the infatuation worn off? Remember, Lindzi got the first-impression rose, so perhaps his instincts led him astray from his plan.

'Bachelor''s Ben & Courtney Race to Altar

Emily is confident that Ben and the two finalists have the strength "to deal with the backlash that's associated with [watching this transpire on national television]." She thinks that the couple, regardless of the combination, has a fair chance of making it. Nicki was less optimistic if Courtney is selected for fear "Ben will be hurt if it's Courtney…. I don't see how on earth after watching this season, how he could be with her." On the flip side, if Ben gets engaged to Lindzi, "I would assume they're still together," she predicted.

Emily's Vision of 'Bachelor' Ben Tainted

Aside from Courtney, there were other burning matters discussed. On last Monday's episode, Kacie B. ambushed and "confused" Ben by flying to Switzerland after her elimination. "I definitely accomplished my goal. I think that I got closure for me, personally, and I think he was receptive of what I had to say as well." He told her he "didn't want to ruffle your parent's feathers" about their diverse opinions on lifestyle choices. While Kacie B. very much respects her folks, she feels she has the maturity to decide for herself if she will cohabitate with a male partner before marriage.

To hear all the mudslinging and foul-mouthed bachelorettes, tune in to the trash-talking panel discussion on Monday night on ABC's broadcast of The Bachelor: Women Tell All.