Order in 'Bachelor' Court! Courtney Pleads Guilty


The Bachelor host Chris Harrison questioned key witnesses in the case of The People vs. Courtney Robertson during the Women Tell All episode on Monday night.

When America's Most Wanted reality star took the stand, she apologetically expressed "regrets…for the way I acted, how I treated the women." Guilty as charged for stealing Ben Flajnik's heart and integrity, she said tearfully, "I don't like being torn apart by family and friends, in the tabloids. I'm sorry for hurting Ben. I cared for him and still do."

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Courtney pointedly confronted her hung jury of fellow bachelorettes, individually addressing a few of the women she insulted the most. Some called a truce, but Jennifer accessed the words as Courtney's effort "to repair her image”"and Nicki didn't "buy it for a second." Emily O'Brien spoke about the irony of Courtney seeking forgiveness after denying her that same courtesy during an earlier episode. Courtney wished "I would have handled that situation differently." Emily said harshly, "Does Courtney know love? Does she have a heart? I don't think so."

Before Courtney secretly emerged from her sequestered quarters, the women had no issue with speaking about her behind her back. "I wouldn't have wanted to wind up with somebody who fell for what Courtney was putting forward," Emily said. She accused Ben of "just thinking about sex, not thinking about a relationship" during his skinny-dipping escapade. Chris jokingly responded, "You've figured out men! Goodnight everybody. The secret's out."

Monica Spannbauer accused her of "meaning to be mean," while Samantha Levey alleged "she was in it to win it." An outraged Blakeley said, "The difference is I am real. She's not. [If I said something mean] I tell people I messed up. I'm sorry…. I never said a nasty word about her." Kacie B. detected a "split personality" in Courtney and Nicki spotted a "twisted sense of humor." Self-proclaimed "antagonist" Emily noted, "how polar opposite the dimensions of her personalities are." Courtney's sole ally, Casey S. said, "The girl I know has consistently been an incredible, sweet, sincere friend to me."

After taking a few months to recover from her "shocking" heartbreak, Nicki is finally feeling like herself again. "I went into that rose ceremony thinking if he really wants a chance at happiness and true, honest, open love, it's with me." The divorcee realized she was head over heels for Ben in Belize when she could utter the words "falling in love."

Dumped twice, Kacie B. defended her decision to make one last plea by travelling to Switzerland. "It seemed like he was on the path to [make the wrong decision]. At that point I had nothing to lose." She had a "slight hope" Ben would reverse his previous action and decide to take her back. Due to the disparity of "our core values and our families," Kacie B. realized that "he couldn't see himself at Christmas at my house."

Another repeat offender, Shawntel Newton, was up for double jeopardy, once again facing the women who treated her cruelly during her first unwelcome visit. Things went slightly better this go-around.

It was then time for Ben to live his "nightmare" of confronting a room full of ex-girlfriends. Explaining why he released Jennifer, he said, "I think you were two or three steps ahead of me" in the relationship. In regards to Emily's elimination, he recalled, "Unfortunately there were other things we got caught up in."

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Nicki loyally said, "I will back that you're the best man I ever met in my life. I stand behind what I told you the night I went home. I want you to be happy." Ben responded, "I had such good feelings for you from the start. You're clearly an incredible woman and nurturing." He sheepishly told Casey S. he "could have been more of a gentleman" when she was eliminated by default due to a jealous ex-boyfriend.

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The award for punch line of the night undisputedly goes to Brittney Schreiner, who called Samantha "the Chihuahua in the house" for questioning her true motive for turning down a one-on-one date and leaving the competition.

Conspiracy theories are aplenty on the result of The Bachelor, but the gavel won't declare it "case closed" until next Monday when Ben may propose to Courtney or Lindzi on the season finale.