'Fashion Star' Contestant Offends Jessica Simpson


If you thought all the contestants on NBC's new show Fashion Star were going to play nice with celebrity judges Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and respected designer John Varvatos, think again.

In this clip from the show that features 14 unknown designers competing for a chance to see their own collection get launched at a major department store, contestant Nicholas Bowes completely insults Jessica and Nicole by implying they know nothing about men's fashion simply because they are women.

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"It's very hard to understand the girls giving advice about men's fashion," he says point blank.

This didn't sit well with Jessica, who replies, "I'm a little bit offended -- not a little bit, a lot a bit -- to talk down to a woman in this business, we're running the world right now, okay? I'm trying to help you, I'm trying to be nice -- because I really kind of want to hit you across the face right now."

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"I'm embarrassed," host Elle Macpherson adds about Bowes' chauvinistic comments.

Check out the video to see the tense moment go down.

Fashion Star premieres Tuesday, March 13 with a two-hour episode on NBC.