Liza Minnelli Remembers Michael & Whitney


Liza Minnelli, who turns 65 on March 12, has spent a lifetime in the entertainment business, getting to know the most legendary stars in the world, many of whom are no longer with us.

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Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Elizabeth Taylor were all friends of Liza's who have since passed away -- not to mention her mother, Judy Garland, who died at 47.

"It's weird," Liza Minnelli told Rosie O'Donnell of being the only "survivor" of that group.

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Liza revealed that she may have been better prepared for stardom, saying, "I'd seen all that when I was little. I'd seen all the pomp and circumstance ... and it didn't impress me ... What impressed me were people who were funny and talented and adored life."

Watch the clip to see Rosie's birthday surprise for the legendary performer. You can see Liza's full interview on Monday's The Rosie Show on OWN.