'Crazy Obsession': The $150K Love Doll Collection

'Crazy Obsession': The $150K Love Doll Collection

Last week we met Joe and Pat Prosey, proud "parents" to a 5,000-plus brood of Cabbage Patch Kids. This week's all-new episode of My Crazy Obsession introduces viewers to a couple with more mature tastes.

Bob and his wife Lizzie have amassed a collection of more than 240 realistic, life-sized "love dolls" which, at approximately $4,500 a doll, the pair estimates their girls have run them the ballpark of $150,000—the approximate value of their home.

While connoisseurs of these silicone ladies often get a bad rap, Bob maintains that his affinity for the dolls is not a sexual one. "I've never made love or had sex with a doll at all. I buy the dolls because I collect the dolls. That's my thing."

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