The Bucket List: What Jaycee Dugard is Doing Now


The Bucket List: What Jaycee Dugard is Doing Now

Jaycee Dugard made national headlines when it was revealed that she had been abducted as a child and held captive in the backyard of Philip and Nancy Garrido for almost two decades. Now, Jaycee speaks exclusively with Diane Sawyer about what she is doing now.

Kidnap Victim Jaycee Dugard's New Look

"For 18 years I had to hide, and to be out in public, to go to a restaurant … even now I feel like I have to hide," the now-bestselling author tells Sawyer in her new World News  interview. "I want my girls (aged 14 and 17) to have a normal life as much as possible. … I feel like on some things I have to do it a little bit differently … not be recognized … for their sake."

Jaycee was kidnapped in 1991 at 11 years old; she was raped and gave birth to her two daughters in captivity before being rescued in 2009. A Stolen Life: A Memoir, her bestselling book about her ordeal was published last year, and Sawyer is with her during part of her first trip to New York City. The incredibly brave survivor says she's still "learning" how to be free, and points out that the most memorable part of the New York trip was going for pizza: "Just walking down the street. With everybody. It was my favorite moment."

Jaycee Dugard's First Words on Giving Birth in Captivity

Jaycee says she does not want to be remembered for what happened, but rather for her work with her JAYC Foundation (which stands for Just Ask Yourself to Care), which offers support services to treat families recovering from abduction and the aftermath of traumatic experiences.

Jaycee Dugard's Heartbreaking Message

Learning to be free has allowed Jaycee to start crossing off life experiences from a list she made when it seemed freedom was impossible: Riding horses, learning to drive and floating on a hot air balloon. Among the things still to do: See the pyramids, take a train ride, touch a whale, swim with dolphins, and write another book.

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