Take a Virtual Tour of The 'Mad Men' Set

ABC News

For four seasons, Matthew Weiner has transported fans into the boozy boy's club of the 60's ad agency and tonight, the executive producer of the AMC hit breaks the fourth wall for an exclusive breakdown of the magic behind the popular drama.

'Mad Men' Stimulates 1960s Magazine Issue

From Don Draper's office with its views of Madison Avenue to the community break room of Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce, ABC's Chris Connelly invites Mad Men enthusiasts for an in-depth look at every on-set detail of the hit series.

Keep your eyes peeled for Jon Hamm who makes a brief but nonetheless handsome appearance.

For the full story, watch Nightline airing tonight on ABC.

Emmy Still Mad for 'Men,' 'Modern Family'

Mad Men returns to AMC for season five on March 25.