'Amazing Race' Couple Gets Heated in the Snow


On this Sunday's The Amazing Race, things get testy as one team's fatigue from walking up a road in the cold causes them to bicker at each other and waste precious time over the trivial task of carrying a jacket.

As dating divorcees Vanessa Macias and Ralph Kelley trek uphill, Ralph's unrequited sense of urgency to get to the front of the pack causes him to snap at Vanessa and throw her jacket, which he had been holding, at her.

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After Ralph stubbornly carries her jacket again and sarcastically asks Vanessa whether there is anything else she wants him to carry, she retorts back with a sassy insult, saying, "Maybe a little bit of class and dignity."

In the featured sneak peek above we also see Mark have some fun playing along with a witch while he and his teammate, Bopper, are making a gingerbread house as part of a challenge on the fairytale-themed episode.

Check out the full episode of The Amazing Race this Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.