Lou Ferrigno Moves His Butt 'Just Like a Woman'


With the competition narrowing down on The Celebrity Apprentice, some of Lou Ferrigno's team members are putting him on the hot seat and calling for his firing but the former Hulk knows how to redeem himself—by dancing with a mop.

Previous comments like "Lou should be gone" and "we're not happy for our team" disappear when Lou steps up his game in a video shoot to advertise a mop in which he gracefully lunges across a kitchen with a mop in hand.

'Celebrity Apprentice' Goes Medieval

"I've danced in the past. I'm very flexible," Ferrigno says in the featured sneak peek. "I have control of all the muscles in my body and [I can] show a big man how he can move his butt just like a woman."

Check out the full sneak peak of Sunday's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, which will air at 9 p.m. on NBC, to see Ferrigno's mop routine as well as his pec pops.

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