Jon Hamm Calls Truce in Reality Stars War


Jon Hamm got involved in a highly publicized feud with Kim Kardashian after calling the reality star and Paris Hilton "idiots" in a recent interview -- a move that quickly triggered a retaliatory Twitter fit from Kardashian. For now, Hamm seems to have moved on from the frenzy, saying the only way to win such a battle is not to play at all.

Speaking at an exclusive screening last night of the premiere of Mad Men's long-awaited season five, Hamm said the controversy ignited by his reality star comments makes him a believer in an old war adage. "I'm pretty sure that I've rapidly become of the opinion of the war games adage -- that the only way to win is not to play."

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Hamm did point out that social media was used in a positive way in the recent campaign to draw attention to atrocities committed by African war criminal Joseph Kony and he encouraged more of this kind of use. "It was one of the rare examples of using Twitter and Facebook, and all of this incredible connectedness and social media that we have now, to actually do something good in the world, rather than just sort of promote your brand," he said.

With just a few days left until Sunday's premiere of Mad Men's new season, Hamm also spoke about the critically acclaimed show, saying he realizes that many fans are chomping at the bit after such a long wait, but he promised they definitely won't be disappointed with the payoff.

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ET also caught up with January Jones, who promised that the new season would include more "shocking twists and turns" than ever before. Jones also spoke about being a new mom and revealed how she was able to keep up with her motherly duties in the middle of a busy filming schedule.

Take a Virtual Tour of The Mad Men Set

Watch the video to hear from more Mad Men cast members who attended the event, which was hosted by Newsweek editor-in-chief Tina Brown at New York's Crosby Hotel.

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The special two-hour season premiere of Mad Men airs this Sunday night at 9 on AMC.