'Little Couple' on Miscarriage Heartbreak


Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, the stars of TLC's reality show The Little Couple, told Anderson Cooper what it was like to find out, on camera, that their surrogate had experienced a miscarriage.

The couple's pursuit of parenthood has been profiled on The Little Couple, and Jen tells Anderson, "I mean, that was devastating news to get but you have to keep things in perspective. We are not quick to give up either, we know that many other people are going through that same struggle or similar struggles. I think it's a big blow but then you think okay, if I'm not going to get up and try again what's all that worth? Why did we go through all that?"

'Little Couple' Heartbreak as Surrogate Miscarries

Jen and Bill have been pursuing surrogacy on their road toward parenthood due to Jen's specific medical conditions. Jen explains to Anderson, "For me personally, carrying a child was really the risk we were worried about. Little people, women who are little persons, can have children, can bear children, usually its a c-section delivery, but the risks for me because of my extreme short stature we're pretty great. ... So we decided that even though technically I could have a child, it really was something that we didn't want to do, we didn't want to risk it."

The couple, who are also pursuing adoption, are still going through the steps of surrogacy. Jen says, "We are definitely not giving up. That was our first transfer, many women go through multiple transfers before they achieve success with the baby. We are in the middle of trying again, we are not giving up on surrogacy yet."

You can watch the full interview with the couple on Tuesday's episode of Anderson. The fifth season premiere of The Little Couple also airs Tuesday, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Watch a clip from the new season here.