'Mad Men' Season 5 Premiere Secrets


It's been 17 long months, but in just five days AMC's Mad Men will return from its lengthy hiatus to answer the burning questions left in the wake of season 4's shocking cliffhanger.

Will Don Draper (Jon Hamm) marry his secretary? Just who is the father of Joan's (Christina Hendricks) baby? Industry insider and TV Guide columnist Matt Roush addresses all these questions and more, assuring fans that they will not be disappointed by the season 5 premiere.

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"[It's] worth the wait," says Roush, careful not to spill the juicy details of Sunday's episode. "We'll find out where Don is in his personal life, eventually we'll find out where Betty is in her personal life now that they're divorced…. and [Peggy Olsen] has more and more power as time goes on but it doesn't sit easy on her head. She's still fighting sexism and there's still a sense of her finding her place not just within the agency."

As for Joan's dilemma, Roush foresees a wild ride for the resident "glamazon," but can't reveal too much more on that front-- fans will just have to wait and see for themselves!

Don't miss the two-hour premiere this Sunday on AMC, and in the days leading up Mad Men's highly-anticipated return, pick up a copy of TV Guide's Mad Men-themed issue for even more season 5 secrets, on newsstands now.

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