Lou Ferrigno Gets Emotional Recalling Childhood


After winning his task as project manager on The Celebrity Apprentice by doing a promotional video with a mop, Lou Ferrigno donates the money that he earned to a young girl living with muscular dystrophy, which causes him to well up as he reminisces upon his struggles with hearing loss as a child.

In the featured sneak peek above, Ferrigno meets with Abbey Umali, who struggles with muscular dystrophy in her legs, and her parents and shares with them how he relates to Abbey.

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"Close to birth…I lost like 80 percent of my hearing and I had difficulty speaking," he recounts. "It had always been a challenge for me but as a kid when I was growing up, you never want[ed] to feel sorry for yourself, ever."

Ferrigno finds himself misty-eyed as he continues to recollect his childhood struggles. "I feel like I went back in time [to] when I was a child," he said in a later interview. "She reminded me of what I had when I was young."

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