'Amazing Race' Contestants Scrub Oil Off Stranger


Contestants on The Amazing Race are faced with some difficult and sometimes peculiar tasks, and the teams' upcoming task of cleaning oil off a stranger in a foreign country leans more on the peculiar side.

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In Azerbaijan, a country in the Middle East that borders Iran, Armenia, and Georgia, the native people literally bathe in oil because of its alleged health benefits, and the Race contestants have to scrape and scrub the oil off of a man who has just finished his oil bath.

Border patrol agent J.J. approaches the strange task with a sense of humor, encouraging his teammate and co-worker Art to "get in his junk," which Art doesn't find very amusing and snaps and tells him to concentrate on his work instead of humor. "I'm in his thighs, Art! What do you want from me?" J.J. replies.

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Check out the full Amazing Race this Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS to see who can scrape and scrub all the oil off their man the fastest.