Simon: New 'X Factor' To Be 'More Controversial'


Simon Cowell is opening up about next season's drastically revamped The X Factor, saying he's confident that the decision to replace two judges and the host will make the singing competition more appealing and competitive, and give him the chance to finally debut the show he's "always wanted to make."

Cowell defended his decision to act quickly to dramatically shake things up with the show, which debuted to much lower ratings than the former American Idol judge had predicted. "Sometimes you've got to change things. That's why we decided to put new judges on -- a new host, and we did it sooner rather than later," he said in a new interview.

Simon Cowell Talks X Factor Changes

-- who first launched The X Factor's British edition in 2004 -- said
that despite the fact that the departing stars "were all great" during the
first season, he realized they were just not the right mix for a successful
show. "I think what I learned is that you need Americans to host the show.
I think that Paula and my relationship was too reminiscent of Idol."

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No replacements for Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger have yet been named, and Cowell would only say that the new judge who'll take Nicole's chair would be "someone with a different experience." Among those rumored to have been under consideration for a judging slot include Britney Spears and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie.

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According to Cowell, viewers can expect the new X Factor to be "different, better and more controversial." "It will be the show I've always wanted to make, and now I have the ability to do it," he said.

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Watch the video for more from Cowell on season two of The X Factor, which is currently holding auditions at locations around the country.