William Levy Responds to Nude Photos Resurfacing

William Levy Responds to Nude Photos Resurfacing

William Levy was the center of a storm of attention after the premiere of Dancing with the Stars for his dancing but also for some nude pictures that surfaced on the internet. The actor responded to the buzz about the photos during a dance rehearsal for tonight's show.

"I'm used to that already. [The photos] have been out already all over the world," Levy explained. "I was a model when I did these things, so as a model there's nothing wrong [with] doing those kind[s] of things. You gotta work. You gotta make money."

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The Cuban native shed some humor on the situation, joking that at least he was in shape for the photo shoot. As for what his dancing partner, Cheryl Burke, had to say about the photos, she revealed that she had seen them quite some time ago when she first discovered that Levy would be her dancing partner.

"I had to do my homework," Burke said with a smirk. "Good Morning America told me I was dancing with William Levy, so obviously I did some research...I was like, 'This for sure is going to come out [in the media] but I should be the first one to see [the photos].'"

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As for whether Levy will be stripping down on the dance floor, his partner revealed that as the competition goes along, she expects him to reveal more. "If they keep us into the competition then you'll probably see more and more," she predicted.

Check out Levy doing the Quickstep with Burke tonight on Dancing with the Stars at 8 p.m. on ABC.