'NCIS' Case Gets Very Personal For Leon


On the next NCIS, things get complicated for Agency Director Leon Vance when his brother-in-law, Michael, is targeted as a murder suspect and is conflicted when he is brought into headquarters in handcuffs.

Michael claims that he was just trying to help the guy who was murdered and didn't know the man until this morning. Leon hesitates a bit in assuring Michael that he believes he is innocent, but tells him that he will be alright as long as he tells the truth to the investigators.

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Due to Leon's personal interest in the case, he finds himself working on parts of the case that he normally wouldn't, which catches the forensic specialist, Abby, off-guard and makes things a tad uncomfortable when she accidentally speaks insensitively of the situation.

Find out if Leon's brother-in-law is innocent or guilty tonight on NCIS at 8 p.m. on CBS.